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Toxic Town Mark Making


Over the course of thirty days, James Black Gallery guest resident Leya Tess has filled a 30' paper scroll with freehand ink mark making. The starting place of this piece began from the song Toxic Town by Emily Millard. 

Part meditative harmony, part self-inflicted purgatory, this large scale drawing is a tangible record of passing time. A claustrophobic tangle of intersecting forms reflects the artist's experience of being a visitor in the chaos of the city.

Leya Tess is an island based artist of mixed eurasian heritage. Her black and white ink drawings are adventures in cyclical movement. She looks to find a fluid space between the eastern yin-yang duality and western presence-absence.

Reception includes a solo performance by Emily Millard. Currently based in Montreal, Millard's art-folk has been called “inventive,” “haunting” and “beautifully ethereal.” She braves the space between silence and sound with her unmistakable voice.

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