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The James Black Gallery presents Pressure Point, a project space discussing the precarity, dilemna, and complexity of being an artist while they navigate economic and parasocial relationships of existing in a world operating on scarcity and individualism. It represents the commercialized role artists have to take on while also doubling as a maximalist installation where emerging artists can purchase studio supplies and sell their artwork. 

Pressure Point is located one block away from our main location. This pop-up is located in the iconic City Centre Motel amidst 70 or so studio artists, will be blanketed in a mural wrap, and the main location of Vancouver Mural Festival outdoor programming.

We want to counter the typical gallery expectation of lots of breathing room. Instead conjure up the feeling of comfort that comes in a space where you have to explore the inventory like a record store, vintage, or comic books. Something for everyone.

Works can be any material, priced between .50 cents to 500 dollars. This can include anything from prints to one of a kind creations (and the pricing rule can be shifted for certain exceptions). We have created a variance commission structure to support the space. 

We accept textiles, wearables, earrings, paintings, prints, ceramics, buttons, sculpture, paintings, zines, books, tapes, etc. There isn't much that we won't accept. We want to celebrate all creative physical mediums.

Opening June 2022

Initial call ends May 20th 2022. Submissions accepted on an ongoing basis.

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