Hannah Duncan


Hannah Duncan is an artist who is a carpenter and joiner by trade. She is interested in exploring both materiality and form of utilitarian found objects. Hannah is currently producing work to demonstrate similarities and differences between the elitist real estate market and gallery art. She works primarily in the mediums of sculpture and photography. Her sculptural work is greatly influenced by her recent experiences working in collaboration with artists Kevin Shmidt and Samuel Roy-Bois. Hannah’s work displays a consistent theme of practicality while utilizing narratives that analyze human connection in its entirety.

Diana Lupieri


Diana Lupieri is an illustrator and maker in Vancouver, BC. She is interested in building community and re learning how to look at the world through art. 

Becca Tobin


Becca is a visual artist and cartoonist from the UK. They make dreamy psychedelic paintings and stories exploring community, queerness, nightmares and food among other things.  They are currently working on a sci fi comic and a series of sculptures and paintings, they enjoy long walks. 

Jillian Justine Brooks


Jillian is originally from Fort McMurray, Alberta. She's been residing in Vancouver for the last 12 years, creating work from Illustrations to Paintings that reflect her creative sense of humor. Currently she's working on a series of paintings about life, love and letting go.

Kinsey Deakin

Mixed Media Artist

​Kinsey Deakin paints on all canvasses (including bodies) and mixed media artist based in Vancouver BC, and holds a BFA from Thompson Rivers University.  She pulls imagery deep from the subconscious, resulting in a juxtaposition of beauty and strange darkness. Kinsey works with the film industry and has been involved in the JBG since 2016.

Mily Mumford

Performance Media Arts

A dancer, musician, writer and director for film, theatre and multimedia and an MSc. researcher at Simon Fraser University in interactive technology. Her creative work explores the intersections between arts and sciences in exploring the human condition. She runs the Nebula Theatre Company and has previously activated the JBG for events.

Bradley Leaf

Multidisciplinary Arts

Has served on the JBG board for the last 2 years join the JBG to help manage Social Media and some general duties. Their art practice focuses on reworking damaged and discarded jewelry, fashion, & accessories into new one of a kind pieces inspired by art, culture, and other subjects.

Gem Hall

Interdisciplinary Artist

Gem Hall is interested in the creation of art & music as a means of survival -- a language to explore & document stories & songs of resilience, recovery & the magic of storytelling & witnessing.  With a background in DIY culture & community organizing, they use ink, watercolour, textiles & their ancestral practices of harp playing, tarot reading & plant medicines to hold liminal spaces between worlds & ways of being.

Julia Czubernat


Julia is building up her production pottery practice while at the JBG. Her worked is informed by nature and connected to the earth.

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Diane Connors

Mulitdisciplinary Arts

Diane grounds her identity in her two grandmothers, one from Glasgow and one from the Hong Kong area. She is an activist and organizer currently working at the intersection of climate change and Indigenous rights. Her art revolves around themes of identity, place, nature, and social justice.  

Roan Lemon

Artist and Designer

Roan (they/it) is a two spirit Nehiyaw/Métis/Ojibwe/white artist and designer whose work is rooted in transition states, thresholds, ecology and temporality. Their work in these spans mediums across interactive wearables, textiles, soft robotics, installation, beading, quilling, leather tanning, new media, gardening, sound, game design, co-creation sessions and performance, book and other print media. 

Dana Deakin

Textile Arts

Dana Deakin is a recent graduate who works within textile arts. She's in the process of building upon her knowledge and taking her work to the next level.

Anna Trowbridge


Through drawing, Anna T seeks to understand and make meaning from the major themes that arise in life. She is currently working as an emergency nurse and is preoccupied with how we die, harm and safety and care and all that is revealed in healthcare. Anna is a white Jewish settler from Montreal and is learning her place here and in relation to local communities that centre art, anti-oppression, harm reduction, and freaky behaviour. She likes to doodle out that process too. 

Nisha Platzer

Experimental Film

Drawn to vibrant shades, moon sparkles, and the melding of sounds and imagery that you can dream and drown in, Nisha likes to play with film and photography through handmade processes.  Nisha Platzer was a previous resident of the JBG in 2015-16. 

Noemi Biel


Noemi is a multidisciplinary artist who is originally from Edmonton, Alberta. She is a First Generation Canadian whose parents immigrated from Poland. Noemi graduated from Parsons School of Design in NYC with a BFA majoring in illustration. She now resides in Vancouver, where she draws, paints, writes, works digitally, and found a love for ceramics after not being able to find unique pots for her plants.

Mary Kim


Mary Kim is a ceramic artist originally from Calgary, Alberta. She currently resides in Vancouver, creating quirky functional and sculptural forms with clay as her primary medium. Mary also paints on various surfaces; paper, canvas, and wood. Her themes are that of monsters, animals, and robots. All of her pieces have evidence of the handmade, with a sense of fun and whimsy. 

Jodi Muzylowski


Jodi is a long time studiomate at JBG. She's been with us over two years and does ceramics in her free time.

Gloria Han


She is a ceramic artist whose work explores the question ‘how do we inhabit the world that we’ve inherited?’ by creating regenerations of traditional Korean pottery. This mode of working serves as a case study for how traditions change within a diaspora while connecting her to her heritage..Gloria has been filling in as ceramics studio head during COVID-19 and will continue in this role.

Rachel Kirkpatrick


Rachel runs the studiospace at Beamount Studios and is delving into production pottery. 

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