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© 2014-2020 The  James Black Gallery - Vancouver, BC. 


Marissa Diamond

Ceramist & Painter

Marissa Diamond is an artist based in Vancouver, B.C.  and holds a BFA degree in Visual Arts from the Emily Carr University of Art & Design.  She is influenced by patterns and colours from the fashion and beauty industries as well as the Pattern and Decoration Movement.  Diamond uses her practice to challenge preconceived ideas about what is attractive by investigating the boundary between the grotesque and the beautiful.  

Jillian Justine Brooks


Jillian is originally from Fort McMurray, Alberta. She's been residing in Vancouver for the last 12 years, creating work from Illustrations to Paintings that reflect her creative sense of humor. Currently she's working on a series of paintings about life, love and letting go.

Kinsey Deakin

Mixed Media Artist

​Kinsey Deakin paints on all canvasses (including bodies) and mixed media artist based in Vancouver BC, and holds a BFA from Thompson Rivers University.  She pulls imagery deep from the subconscious, resulting in a juxtaposition of beauty and strange darkness. Kinsey works with the film industry and has been involved in the JBG since 2016.


Tattoo Artist

Glenn is a tattooer based in Vancouver, BC. Their practice expands to graphite, watercolor, ink & pen. They are inspired by plants and objects they observe as they avoid eye contact with strangers. Sometimes they draw the strangers. Sometimes they make eye contact..

Alessandra Smith


Alessandra is a part-time ceramic artist from London, England. Her main focus is functional forms inspired by the built world and contemporary structures. 

Kira Chankasingh

Visual Arts

Vancouver artist Kira Chankasingh is a desentdent of immigrant parents from Trinidad and Tobago. A recent Visual Arts graduate of Emily Carr University they were born in Yellowknife. Within their multiplicities of identity, Kira explores how the mystery of different environments impact culture. Kira's paintings serve as a vessel of remembrance and forgetfulness. By re-visiting family photos they create a vortex of ancestral experience. 

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Noemi Biel


Noemi is a multidisciplinary artist who is originally from Edmonton, Alberta. She is a First Generation Canadian whose parents immigrated from Poland. Noemi graduated from Parsons School of Design in NYC with a BFA majoring in illustration. She now resides in Vancouver, where she draws, paints, writes, works digitally, and found a love for ceramics after not being able to find unique pots for her plants.

Kathryn Wadel

Visual Artist

Kathryn is an interdisciplinary mixed media artist, exploring the relationships between culture, art, science and social-engagement within her practice.

Dana Deakin

Textile Arts

Dana Deakin is a recent graduate who works within textile arts. She's in the process of building upon her knowledge and taking her work to the next level.

Nisha Platzer

Experimental Film

Drawn to vibrant shades, moon sparkles, and the melding of sounds and imagery that you can dream and drown in, Nisha likes to play with film and photography through handmade processes.  Nisha Platzer was a previous resident of the JBG in 2015-16. 

Silouan Hainsworth

Multidisciplinary Artist

Silouan Hainsworth is a multidisciplinary visual artist, painter, photographer and artistic director/storyboard artist based in East Vancouver. His work is based on the belief that art is an active protest, meant as something to unapologetically shatter barriers, create conversation and provide means of connection to both ourselves and the world, in addition to being a personal outlet. 

Mary Kim


Mary Kim is a ceramic artist originally from Calgary, Alberta. She currently resides in Vancouver, creating quirky functional and sculptural forms with clay as her primary medium. Mary also paints on various surfaces; paper, canvas, and wood. Her themes are that of monsters, animals, and robots. All of her pieces have evidence of the handmade, with a sense of fun and whimsy. 

Jodi Muzylowski


Soula Poulos


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