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The James Black Gallery exhibits work in many mediums and forms. The space has a combination of elements that allow artists to be playful with the design and the usage of the space. We currently host indoor/outdoor workshops that are organized by community members, production rentals, and exhibitions.



May 16th-23rd, 2024

opening May 16th 6-9PM
May 17th-23rd 1-4PM 

In this exhibition of new work by Jane Grocott and Cal Thomas, severed fragments are joined together in their undone-ness, not to create a new whole, but to test the intention of parts. These joints guide a thread which begins somewhere in memory, in an intangible place that relies on remembering or forgetting, and weaves through moments of ideation towards a semblance of story. Whether in paint on canvas, or in assembled objects obscured between sheathes of salvaged plastic, following this thread is a process of confronting uncertainty and trusting the unfolding of one’s own intuition.  

Grocott and Thomas pull from their surroundings to create environments which act as stages for ideas to play. Exploring these tender, makeshift landscapes, they reconcile disconnected parts of their reality, both external and internal, looking to arrive at some version of realization. Building from a common tendency for playful abstraction, both artists are layering and collaging objects and imagery, emphasizing subtle nuances in relational elements and enacting interplay between parts. Part to Part is about relationships; in friction and harmony, in agitation and indifference.


QAF Community Art Show

Jun 17 – 29 | Tues – Sat| 12 – 6pm | Free

Established way back in 1998, the then-named Pride in Art Community Show was the event that started it all. Over the years the name and location have changed, but the spirit remains the same: showcasing and celebrating the outstanding artists and artwork from our local 2SLGBTQIA+ communities. The QAF Community Art Show returns in full form to the James Black Gallery; join us for the opening revelries at the JBG on June 17 from 7 – 10pm.

Exhibiting Artists

Alexandra Caprara • Allison Kiernan • Ava Katz 
Brie • D Feakes • Dana Ayotte • Edzi’u • Jack Page
Kaila Bhullar • Maya U Schueller Elmes • Pedram Penhan
Rachel Warwick & A. Branch • Sam Kaplan • Sus Cho – Bear Barnetson  • Suze Shore • Vee CR (@v.chorabik) & Lily Flanjak
Wilson S. Wilson



Artist Pop Up! LOVE APPEAL 

February 2nd, 2024  4-8PM 


Want to be surrounded by love? Want to support local artists? Come join JBG studiomates @damarra.grace and @jebs.junk





Workshops 11am-5pm

Art Market & Live Music 5pm-10pm

No fee to enter the market & free educational handouts provided while supplies last. Raffle prizes to be announced.

Vendors, workshops, and sponsors to be announced soon!

This event is 100% volunteer-led, venue is donated, and 100% proceeds donated to PCRF. To volunteer, become a sponsor or vendor, donate a raffle prize, or ask questions, or reach out to @cocreatives.projects on instagram.

Screenshot 2024-02-07 at 1.13.11 PM.png


February 16th, 2024  7PM                       

Come and immerse yourself in the colourful underwater experience at James's Black Gallery. Georgia Lavelle explores how the beauty of the ocean and furniture design combine to create a fun and vibrant experience playing with silhouettes, colour, and woodworking.


wallace_and_gromit_collection_for_graphic (1).jpg

Hotmothertruckers Movie Night

February 25th, 2024 5PM - 9PM


join chimgee in celebrating her events ig by screening one of their favourite movie duos: wallace and gromit!!! i love claymation and i love getting together with you all so i hope you come celebrate hotmothertruckers with me by getting cozy, snacking, and just straight chilling !!!

Entry by donation or esim to gaza!


The Leap Day Show

March 4th, 2024  Doors at 7:30PM                   

cute lil queer Leap Day comedy show at The James Black Gallery by @cozy.comedy. entry by e-sim donation


Annual Member Meeting invitation.jpg

6th Annual General Meeting

March 4th, 2024  630-8PM                       

The James Black Gallery invites all members and interested community to our sixth annual general meeting. We'll be appointing new board members, discussing the budget, and voting on any new changes to our structure. After celebrating our accomplishments we'll mingle nearby at Pressure Point. 


AnARTchists Art Build for Palestine

Hosted between January to May 2024 

Stay Up To Date by following @anartchists on Instagram.


From Dark to Light

May 9th-12th, 2024

9th 6-9PM opening reception

10th 3-6PM

11th & 12th 2-5PM

A collaborative experience from artists Jay Bluesky Groening, Claire Shannon-Akiwenzie, Kiesha Janvier, and Mike Alexander developed during a pod residency at The James Black Gallery with support from Native Art Renaissance Foundation. 

This exhibit is more than just a display of self-expression—for these artists, it is a conduit for sharing stories, perspectives, and emotions. It is an important opportunity for dialogue and truth-telling, calling for participants to learn and unlearn. It is testament to the resilience, wisdom, and beauty of Indigenous people and communities.

Prepare to be moved by the raw honesty and unfiltered passion that emanates from every piece. Feel the weight of the realities experienced by Indigenous peoples and recognize the hope in the present and future. Please journey with us through the light and the dark.

Jay Bluesky Groening, Claire Shannon-Akiwenzie, Kiesha Janvier, and Mike Alexander

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