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Fern Long

November 2019

Fern Long is an artist living and working in Victoria, BC. Her work explores the intersection of architecture and personal history, making paintings and sculpture that fluctuate between recognition and abstraction.

During her residency she had time to wander, making drawings, taking photographs and soaking in the dense and ever changing cityscape around James Black Gallery. Then experimenting with a monoprinting process she made a series of prints reflecting these impressions. They were then part of her show, Return Address at the Ou Gallery in Duncan BC
in December 2019.

Mark Zubrovich 

August 2019


Mark is an American artist based in New York. His art spans a diversity of mediums, from paintings to sculptures to embroideries. These material languages center around a unified alternate world of baseball-obsessed dog-men. These dog-men tend to explore masculinity, queerness, and intimacy in their own, uniquely doggy ways. Mark spent his time at the JBG making ceramic sculptures and functional objects, tying the worlds of handmade craft and commodifiable sports memorabilia into one.

Laura Hudspith

& Nick Zirk

July 2019

During the James Black Gallery Guest Residency program, artists Laura Hudspith and Nicholas Zirk worked collaboratively to produce a body of work. Following their residency, the results of their third collaboration, an immersive installation titled ‘things fall into place’, was exhibited at The Red Gate Arts Society during the month of August.

We acknowledge the support of the Canada Council for the Arts. 

Milo Mckeand

June 2019


what makes a mug

Milo is a member of Clay Collective and the face behind Milo Made Ceramics. She describes her work as "slightly dysfunctional functional ware", which seeks to playfully investigate form and function, greatly informed by architecture and the built world. From the beautiful buildings of her home city of London to the imposing monuments of Soviet era Eastern Europe, she translates the unusual shapes around her into three-dimensional clay forms.

Julie Sarloutte

May 2019

Pop Embroidery

Julie Sarloutte is a French artist and graduate of the National School of Fine Arts Paris. Using string, she creates pieces so detailed, that at first glance they appear to be composed of paint strokes, rather than of individual stitches. She reflects the fascination of the screen. Taking her inspiration from technology- TV shows, films and screens covered by the media. Pop Culture are most often the subjects represented by her embroideries. Transposing these into embroidery makes an unexpected contrast between the medium and the subject. She takes the time to embroider what usually happens in the fraction of a second.

Bridget Fairbank

April 2019

Sprung: Feel the Possible

Bridget Fairbank makes pottery, installation art, and orchestrates happenings, all of which aim for the re-imagining of everyday actions and relations. Her ceramic installation, performance and painting ask a viewer to engage bodily in an idea. Her art is plant-like, vibrant and plentiful, a reminder that we are not apart from nature. These pieces are conduits through which you may feel that growth is possible.

Nicole Shaver

March 2019

Lotto Grotto

Nicole's artistic practice has been surrounding ideas of place and belonging using geographical sites like Lake Michigan, a furniture factory in rural Ohio, a corn farm in Iowa, and the mountain fjords of Iceland as metaphorical compasses in order to catalog personal experience and explore the potentiality of the divided space between reality and fantasy.

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