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Nisha Platzer

November 2017 

Back Home

Nisha is a filmmaker and photographer who works with analogue and experimental
processes. Currently based in Havana, Cuba and Vancouver, BC, she is developing a
feature film titled ‘Back Home’ which deals with connections between emotional
and physical pain.

During her residency at the JBG, she worked on developing the film’s written
content in preparation for a pitch at a film festival in Havana. The calm space
allowed her to structure her work and gather ideas before setting off. The large
studio allowed her to spread out ideas on the wall and the cozy guestroom allowed
for more introverted writing and processing. It was fruitful! The film got lots of
positive feedback and won a development prize at the festival!

Maria Tetzlaff

October 2017 

Series of Drawings

Their graphic essays allow a personal view of situations, places or special subjects like
gentrification, gender identity or urbanity and nature. Maria/Freddie's work is partly drawn in a fragmentary way to keep an interpretation open. They observe and interact with my environment and get inspired by memories, words, dreams, moments, gestures, moods or certain settings like an abundant house.

Aubrey Burke

August 2017 


Aubrey Burke originally was our first guest artist residency in 2015 January, making a public art piece in memento of a dear friend. This time, after working on a project backed by a Canada Council grant he's returning back to the fundamentals of his art practice. The magic of  everyday shrines amongst the towers of Vancouver has enraptured him. He'll be installing gods and goddesses  in a secret location for viewers to pass by in surprise and wonderment.

Ruby Gloom

August 2017 

The Game Of Fame
Ruby Gloom , Luis Roga

“In the future everybody will be world famous for 15 minutes.” Andy Warhol.

With the never-stop roaming of the Internet, ever-changing information on social medias, technology has been affecting the “cyber world” which leads to changes in self-identity. Being famous online is quick and easy, it is the fastest way to draw yourself attention that you could never enjoy in real life. 



Starchild Stela

July 2017 

Dreamland Fantasy

Starchild Stela’s Dreamland Fantasy is a multidisciplinary sensorial experience that invite the viewer to make themselves at home and feel nostalgic, in a sweet, ethereal kind of way. Building on delightful memories & instance of childhood traumas, Dreamland Fantasy is a whimsical bedroom where healing and nostalgia collide into daydreams.



June 2017


Battle Your Demons in Dreamspace/concert

with Linda Foxx


During her residency, Layla Marcelle Mrozowski developed hologram lounge singer Linda Foxx. Originally a character in a Philip K. Dick novel, Linda Foxx was reimagined as a 4th dimensional space time object. Shortly after the summer solstice, Linda Foxx performed a concert and somatic healing workshop at James Black Gallery. She sang synthetic dream songs about falling in love with an earthquake-proof bed, the void, and other esoteric pleasures. The forest of time was visualized as blue light, we were emptied out, the moon rose and dreams were collectively danced virtually.

Layla Marcelle Mrozowski

Valentina Belegisanin

April 2017  

Rhythms of Time

Originating from Belgrade, Serbia, Valentina provides us an exploration of spatial energy.

Rhythms of time presents a sculptural installation that explores the effect of a cyclical process of creation, feminine energy, change, development and revival as well as pointing out the "phenomena of shrinking time" and its intangible procession.


Coco Spadoni

March 2017 

Pray it No Mind

Coco Spadoni is a Seattle based interdisciplinary artist particularly drawn to ceramics, installation, and video. They spent two weeks at The James Black Gallery, completing a solo show titled Pray it No Mind. Through a participatory exhibit, Spadoni reimagined aesthetics from their catholic upbringing in new and queer ways. The residency in general allowed them to shift their way of making by having the space to work larger-scale and process out ideas. Spadoni looks forward to further examining themes of queerness, camp, rituals, and conflicting identities. 


In addition, during their stay in Vancouver they tried many ice cream flavors and went through four rolls of film.

Zorya Arrow

January 2017 

This Disposition

Manitoban artist, Zorya Arrow spent her residency crafting a play list, writing, and moving around on the gallery floor, preparing for a performance that marked the three month anniversary of her partner's unexpected death. 

With a massive drop in energy levels, due to what grief apparently can do to a person, Zorya's performance project, which had been gearing up in the fall of 2016 to become a solo dance work, took a huge shift along with these new life circumstances. The work became about processing death and the reintegration into life.

With an audience of approximately thirty people to witness her, Zorya took the moment, giving shape to what it feels like a few months into processing three and a half years of love, reshaped in an instant.

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