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Liminal Confines

THE JAMES BLACK GALLERY is dedicated to artists showing their work without having to pay a percentage out to the gallery. Artists-­in-residence show their work, curate, and run the space. This curation is by Echo Moonand Zandi Dandizette. The J B G is located in a heritage building in Mount Pleasant (est. 1889). This exhibition will show projects of emerging local artists in a variety of formats including media, installation, and painting. 

In conjunction with contemporary politics, LIMINAL CONFINES discusses borders and crosses them knowingly. Transforming the space between oneself and another through recreation, rebirth, and renewal. How does one relate to the confines and barriers of a homespace, or four walls of a gallery? 

Transition from one state to another such as with fluidity in sexuality and gender, push ones limits in cathartic manners, navigate the boundaries within emotional interplay. Harness the power and potential of transitory states. 

Noemi Biel/Rachel Bowen/Jack Bride/Zandi Dandizette/Hannah Dixon/Rosalie Edwards/Misery Fields/Elena Garnelo/Pilar Guinea Gil/
Peter Hainsworth/Mason Hamilton/Kirsten Hatfield/Timothy Hodkinson/Bex Ilsley/Amberlie Kaiser/Russel Kramer/

Ember Johnstone/Neil Manchon/Hannah Marsland/Echo Moon/Pax North/Andy St. Pierre/Casey Poznikoff/Kira Pratt/Tessa Reed/

Heinz Schielmann/Karl Segnoe/Nix Six Six/Coco Spandoni/Yebu Tonu/Sam ward-hesketh/Corie Waugh/

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