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Left Uncertain


March 24, 2018 6PM-9PM 

Serge Serum is a self taught Los Angeles based artist who does not scare easily when it comes to the complexities of the human psyche. Using reality as a springboard, he “makes a scene” of the ordinary by distorting peoples’ likenesses, in both his painted portraiture and outrageous photographs. His work has a curiously chaotic, and yet grounded feel to it. Often employing the use of heavy brushstrokes next to delicate details; powerful warm colors next to soft neutrals. Serge endows a feeling of ease in existing within what seems to be a messy actuality. The bold style facilitates a sort of fill-in- the-blanks dialogue with viewers that are captivating. His photographs are far from unclear, though, with almost startlingly bright colors draping his subjects, who appear incredibly confident and comfortable in their costume-esque garb. 

“Left Uncertain…” examines a body of work through a period of time where I am living life filled with change, uncertainty, insecurity and excitement. I feel that with change comes growth and that is why I am in Vancouver. I want to make an effort to explore places and areas in my work/life where I am most uncomfortable. I believe that this will help me grow not only as an artist but also as a person. The pieces shown here are an examination of identity, personality and wretched emotions uncovered and portrayed through characters. A lot of the subjects are people of androgynous or non-binary figures. By doing this I hope to have the viewer feel questioned and wondrous in effort to create a personal narrative/ dialogue with each piece.

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