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Strange Creatures


April 6th, 2018 Opening 7PM

April 6-8th

Strange Creatures explores the identities and depictions of people and creatures on the fringes of history: those with associations with magic and witchcraft. Traditionally oracles, witches, and supernatural creatures are represented narrowly as hideous, violent, or crude, but participating artists are encouraged to explore these stereotypes in a way that opens the range of portrayal of the magical to include positive, diverse body types, a spectrum of gender, and even modern time periods. Artists are encouraged to explore these themes of power and marginalization in a way that questions the suppression of the magical and the strange.

More than 15 artists are represented, showcasing the best in illustrative work from students and alumni at Emily Carr University. 

Strange Creatures opens Friday, April 6th at 7pm and runs through to April 8th. 

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