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May 25, 2018 6PM-10PM 

ROVE YVR || The James Black Gallery artist-in-residents and studiomates showcase some of their works in-house at the ROVE Mount Pleasant art walk. To ROVE all you need to do is pick a starting location on the route and there you will find the ROVE map. Use the map to rove around Main Street to check out galleries, art studios and creative spaces that feature a local artist’s work.

Zandi Dandizette        Tessa Reed      Marissa Diamond      Jessica Lee Hill      Odera Igbokwe    Eden Cooke     Robin Lough

Tangiene Martin O'hara    Kinsey Deakin     Jillian Brooks   Nisha Platzer    Tousy    Kasia Laczny      Mary Kim    Marika Vanderkraats

Kat Wadel

Excerpts of some artists below:

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