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In the spirit of reconnection, instead of guest residencies with artists from out of town,

The James Black Gallery hosts seven Pod Residencies featuring local artists for 2021/2022 with funding thanks to the City of Vancouver. We now have received funding to do a second set for 2022/2023. Call for submissions open September 2022.


2021/2022 Residencies
May 2022 was the last of our seven pod residencies developed in reaction to the pandemic. Originally conceptualized by previous studiomate Anna Trowbridge, the intent was around reconnection and creation exploration. We were able to put these on partially with support from the City of Vancouver. The first was new mother Deepali Raiththa and her unborn child in the eighth term of her pregnancy, giving birth to this series. We saw art husbands and art wives form through this residency. The location itself inspire and influence Darius Kian and Nat Robinson in their collaboration. Hold Your Breath by Monika Krupicka and Sara Pimentel started the process of exploring the emotional complexity of weather's influence on our lives and bringing it into the gallery. Giving us a natural flow for the last residency by Julia, Phoebe, and Katrina, taking influence from the greenspace around the JBG. Discussing the potential for death and decay, alongside its resurgence and regenerative abilities. Both a fitting end to the residency, but birth of new relationships to come.


Julia Wong, Phoebe Bei, & Katrina Vera Wong 

May 2022

Katrina Vera Wong employs her Frankenflora (hybrid flowers made from dried plants) to explore the botanical underside and the experience of moribundity. / @furiebeckite

Phoebe Bei is interested in the potency of imprints, fossilized spaces and voids found in organic and inorganic infrastructures. Through experimentation and study of materials such as clay to salvaged cedar, Bei utilizes their properties to explore how they can embody these infrastructures as vessels and places for coping, fracture, and mobility.


Julia Wong is interested in fountains as monuments of grandeur in traditional garden settings. She will explore her ability to create fountain-like assemblages using an assortment of found cultural floatsam and handmade ceramics.
IG: @julialwong

Mimesis / Petrified / Undergrowth

Inspired by the James Black Gallery’s green spaces, where the cycle of life and death is entangled with the processes of decay and regrowth. Artists Katrina Vera Wong, Phoebe Bei, and Julia Wong draw upon their cultural identities and relationships to the natural world to create sculptures, assemblages, and interventions that invite the public to consider their relationship to the natural world and limited green spaces in the city.

Sara Pimentel & Monika Krupicka

March & April 2022

Monika Krupicka is a lifestyle and still life photographer whose goal it is to use the medium to immerse herself in humanitarian work. She is inspired by her childhood interests in anthropology and the outdoors.        @monika.krupicka

Sara Pimentel is a landscape and architectural photographer who is passionate about the relationship between nature and humankind, as well as the history within their community.


Hold Your Breath



is an immersive, multimedia installation that invites viewers into a space of reflection. Humbled by the unpredictable grandeur of it all, and the creeping sense that the nature we adapted to is slowly fading out of reach… we asked ourselves, ”How has weather affected our lives this past year?”

aEYE Pod

February 2022

aEYE Pod Residents are:

Sahbā Sadeghian @sacrileged_,

Anne Marie Slater,

Dre Irene @blueyellowandred,

Carlan Savage-Hughes @extravirgin143,

Andrelle Jingco @drelle__

& Lydia Pourmand

a_EYE_installing....68%, 2022

a_EYE_installing…68% is a group show from artists who have never previously worked together, all posed the same question, “if Artificial Intelligence can mimic human behavior all the while learning about itself; can humans mimic Artificial Intelligence?”. This show enters the dialogue of human-machine relationship through sharing 5 artists’ imaginings of the disputed authorship of artificial intelligence. Putting into the question the merit of intelligence itself. 

The artists involved in aEye POD have conversed, conceptualized and coded their interactive dreams into reality. Collaboration occurred in both digital and physical spaces including conversations leading up to the dedicated two weeks. The Gallery showcase is a curated performance installation concluding the group’s experiments at The James Black Gallery POD Residency programing.