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Permanence//Impermanence will be on view 
• 7/12 - 7/15 at The James Black Gallery. 
Please join us for an opening reception on 
• Thursday, July 12th from 5pm-10pm 
to experience the Light Bath and/or to get tattooed. 

Please make an appointment ahead of time to participate before and during the opening. 
The artists will be available for Light Baths and tattoos after the opening by appointment only.
To participate please message either Kat Hooper or Jarid Blue at and


Brooklyn, NY based artists Kat Hooper & Jarid Blue will be creating site specific versions of their art for display and collaboration with the community at The James Black Gallery.

Both artists will draw inspiration from their surroundings and incorporate those influences into their work. During their stay Jarid will take photographs of natural/human-made textures from around the city and project them onto people in the space, and Kat will create several paintings and draw tattoo designs based on sounds she sees and ideas she gets from exploring Vancouver.

The duo hope to create meaningful connections with the community. For this project they will be working with participants to create a new body of work while in Vancouver for display during the second week of their residency. For the work to succeed, they will need the people of the community to become involved with the project and even become pieces of the art. Please email or message Kat Hooper if you are interested in being tattooed and Jarid Blue if you’re interested in participating in a Light Bath session.


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