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Muirin of the Sea


February 2, 2018 6PM-9PM 

During the month of January, Estraven Lupino-Smith will be working at the James Black Gallery on a new work. Muirin, meaning “of the sea” in Scottish Gaelic, is a collection of pieces related to selkie mythology, shapeshifting, gender and identity. Using materials including discarded navy ship rope and willow harvested from vancouver’s abandoned lots, Lupino-Smith is constructing an installation reflecting on the arbitrary nature of gendered objects and actions, and the relationship of their body to the sea.


Estraven Lupino-Smith is an interdisciplinary artist whose work is informed by their curiosity and critical engagements with human interactions in varied environments: natural, cultural and constructed. They are specifically interested in issues of home and belonging, gender, mythologies, conceptions of the wild and movements for justice and self-determination.

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