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Interstitial Defect

April 20, 2018 7PM opening 

An ideal crystal has every atom in a perfect, exactly repeating pattern. However, in reality, most crystalline materials have a variety of defects. Interstitial Defect have an extra atom squeezed where it does not fit. The location and physical nature of the gallery is itself squeezed among the burgeoning development of Vancouver's Mount Pleasant area. Crystalline pottery is created through careful temperature monitoring, but the outcome is naturally uncontrollable by the artist due to its organic material and plays upon this ever-forming landscape. These integral shapes form and build new worlds just as the artists are within their practice.

For the first time, The James Black Gallery presents a duo exhibition featuring works from Zandi Dandizette and Tessa Reed

ZANDI DANDIZETTE: Originally from Portland, Oregon, Zandi is a Vancouver based new media installation artist and curator. They graduated with a Bachelor's of Media Arts in Animation from Emily Carr University of Art and Design in 2014. Zandi Dandizette refers to their medium as blank space, whether its canvas, a room, or digital space. Zandi discusses the binary with their references to shapes and color, playing upon it to build another world. Previously Zandi has shown new media arts at VIVO Media Arts Centre, Dynamo Arts Association, and Cinevolution's Your Kontinent: Digital Carnival in Richmond.

TESSA REED: As a ceramics artist, functionality is a consistent theme throughout Tessa's work; experimentation with surface treatment, form, and process gives birth to new shapes and interesting ideas. Tessa is best known for their cat motifs on mugs and pins. These works have been featured throughout the city in craft fairs, stocked at the Catfe, and shown in galleries such as The BC Gallery of Ceramics. This rare occasion will unveil crystalline works by Tessa.

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