The James Black Gallery exhibits work in many mediums and forms. The space has a combination of elements that allow artists to be playful with the design and the usage of the space.


We currently host small indoor/outdoor workshops (of up to 10 people) that are organized by community members. In addition, we also allow filming for live streams in the space during COVID-19, and by-appointment events.

Touching Unseen Sound: LOBE Spatial Sessions
August 6th, 7th, 13th, and 14th.
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Phenomenal Woman: Exhibition by Buchi Igwilo
July 17th - July 18th, 
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Touching Unseen Sound | The James Black Gallery, in partnership with Lobe Studio and with support from The City of Vancouver, supported a two week residency at Lobe Studio for a local Deaf artist Silas Ng. The composition created during that residency will be played for pod Spatial Sessions with a prioritization of Deaf or Hard of Hearing audiences.


Lobe Studio is a unique space, as it has a 4D sound system and tactile feedback floor which allows more experimentation with the vibrational quality of sound.

Phenomenal Woman|| A solo exhibition by artist Buchi Igwilo, featuring 6 paintings accompanied by a poetry reading. 

About Buchi: Through her paintings, Buchi captures Black womanhood in various dynamic spaces. She aims to depict womanhood and women in many forms, while presenting the Black body in spaces where they previously haven’t been showcased. Buchi uses her artform in order to encourage Black women to take up space, and to nurture and embrace beauty in Black womanhood. Through this, she strives for Black women/femmes to transform and rebuild their standards of beauty in relation to the familiarity of what is seen in the mirror, into the phenomenal Black woman.

Live Dance Performance,
September TBD

Pocket || A 50-minute dance performance by Deanna Peters with music created and performed by Ahmed Khalil and live videography by Aya Garcia. Bringing out what's inside, we project & amplify what Ahmed, Aya and Deanna are doing inside the house onto the outside of the structure. 

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Hammock Residency Group Show,
November TBD

Hammock Residency Group Show || An exhibition of the 2021 Hammock Residency artists funded by the BC Arts Council. 

3rd Annual
General Meeting,
February 20, 2021 3-5PM

Annual General Meeting||The James Black Gallery invites all members and interested community to our third annual general meeting. We'll be appointing new board members, discussing the budget, and voting on any new changes to our structure. 

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A Solo Exhibition
By Steven Audia,
April 23-25, 2021

20/2020: A Solo Exhibition by Steven Audia|| An exhibition of twenty black and white photographs taken in 2020. This collection of images explores how my perspective and approach has changed over the course of this last year. Closeness, something that now feels almost taboo, has become a primary subject, along with memories of life “before.”