The James Black Gallery exhibits work in many mediums and forms. The space has a combination of elements that allow artists to be playful with the design and the usage of the space.


We currently host small indoor/outdoor workshops that are organized by community members, production rentals, and exhibitions following COVID-19 protocols.

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Pressure Point 

Regular Hours August 4th, 2022 

onwards Wednesday - Saturday 12-6PM  

Our secondary location hosting early career artists' saleable works at unite 108-2111 e main street



sound therapy music festival

August 14th-24th, 2022 


sound_therapy.wav highlights local 2-Spirit, queer, trans, Black, Indigenous, and/or racialized stars & allies. we wanna bring our community together in healing & connection. Event curated by Sunny Chen.

live shows: aug 18, aug 19, aug 20 (bbq time ), & aug 21

August 14th free workshop

August 24th online zoom showcase

 L I N E U P 

DJ Natü · IHA · Steph Tsunami · Haleluya Hailu · Muderith· Lowkita · ADAM · Adewolf · Athina's Moon · diarygrrrl ·

Havi with a J · Business Bacha · Lowercase Dream · NI CO ·

Issa · Glisha · kc.bdb · SoyJoy Music · Shemedelyne · KERUB · Enereph · DANI YOUR DARLING · Reid Zakos

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August 14th, 2022 1-3PM


free trauma-informed, person-first virtual workshop on wellness for sexual assault/domestic violence survivors in our arts & music scene. this workshop is a part of sound_therapy.wav music fest which was created by Sunny Chen AKA Sad China (they/she) due to their experiences within our music communities. 

Reserve your spot 


Inverted Pyramid Series: intend to upend

August 4th - 12th, 2022
Opening August 4th, 7-10PM

Friday August 5th, 3-6PM
Sat & Sun August 6th-7th, 1-3PM
Wednesday, Thursday, & Friday August 10th-12th 3-6PM

Sena Cleave @irohasena
Shay Gavina @shaygavina
Naatoíyiki @indigbusyness
Virgil Riviera @virgil.riviera
Sev Shabankareh @unreality.girl
Jason Young @jasonyoung.archive

A two part curatorial series which highlights the artists' gaze over the gallery. This group exhibition celebrates the desires of artists' and the conversations they would like to have with the viewer. Please join us opening night reception to meet the artists. This two part series is brought to you with support from The City of Vancouver.


Queer Arts Festival Community Art Show

Opening June 20th, 2022 7PM

June 20th - July 8th, 2022

Our first partnership with Queer Arts Festival, the Community Arts Exhibition features outstanding artists from our local 2SLGBTQIA+ communities. Come see what haunts the artists amongst us …

Featured Artists:
Avery Chace, B. Malinsky, Braeden Scheck, Darius Kian
Dezi Raider, Holly Steele, Israel Aguayo, Juno, Kali Fish
Katharine Hoehn, Katy Slany, Kwiigay + Paperwave
Lisa G, Nicolas Frenette. Nicole Melnicky, Rachel Warwick
Sazliyc, Steven Broome 


Picture Picnic

May 17th, 2022       7PM Event Link here

Picture picnic is a collection of comics and drawings about being gay and eating fruit. Come touch the plastic grass and stare directly into the fake felt sun. Summer is coming or maybe it's already here!

a solo exhibition by Madeline Berger


this exhibition is brought to you in partnership with VanCaf - Vancouver Comic Arts Festival


Art Therapy Workshop for Shelter Movers

April 20th, 2022, 5pm - 7pm        Event Link here

Proceeds from this art therapy workshop will go towards Shelter Movers. Shelter Movers Shelter Movers is a national, volunteer-powered charitable organization providing moving and storage services at no cost to women and children fleeing abuse.


Hold your Breath

April 7th - 13th, 2022                          

April 9th: 1pm - 5pm (opening day)

April 10th”: 12pm – 4pm

April 13th: 6:30pm - 9pm (closing night)

Hold Your Breath is a photography and sound exhibition that invites viewers into a space of reflection. Humbled by the unpredictable grandeur of it all, and the creeping sense that the nature we adapted to is slowly fading out of reach… we asked ourselves, ”How has weather affected our lives this past year?”


Monika Krupicka is a lifestyle and still life photographer whose goal it is to use the medium to immerse herself in humanitarian work. She is inspired by her childhood interests in anthropology and the outdoors.

Sara Pimentel is a landscape and architectural photographer who is passionate about the relationship between nature and humankind, as well as the history within their community.

March guest residents @monika.krupicka  @sara.pimentel

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Pottery Handbuilding Workshop

March 23rd, 2022                          

6:30pm - 8:30pm               Event link here.

Come get your hands muddy and make something with us. We will be demonstrating slab and pinch forming techniques, so you can make a sculpture, a vessel, a sculptural vessel, or anything your imagination allows. Come check out our awesome space! We provide clay and tools. Vaccine passport required.


$22-$44 Sliding scale; pay what you can.



March 5th - 6th,  4pm - 8pm             Event link here.

art_official_intelligence_?. pdf”1.~aEYE~installing…

a_EYE_installing…68% is a group show from artists who have never previously worked together, all posed the same question, “if Artificial Intelligence can mimic human behavior all the while learning about itself; can humans mimic Artificial Intelligence?”. This show enters the dialogue of human-machine relationship through sharing 5 artists’ imaginings of the disputed authorship of artificial intelligence. Putting into the question the merit of intelligence itself. 

The artists involved in aEye POD have conversed, conceptualized and coded their interactive dreams into reality. Collaboration occurred in both digital and physical spaces including conversations leading up to the dedicated two weeks. The Gallery showcase is a curated performance installation concluding the group’s experiments at The James Black Gallery POD Residency programming.

Book your visit at

A group show presented by February residents and Aeye members Sahbā Sadeghian @sacrileged_, Anne Marie Slater, Dre Irene @blueyellowandred, Carlan Savage-Hughes @extravirgin143, Andrelle Jingco @drelle__


a new gut psycho-biome

Opening February 19th 5-8PM

February 20 - 21, 2-6PM           Event Link here

a new gut psycho-biome is a sonic performance piece alongside a collection of mixed media works that will be on display following the end of Jae Lew and Maliv Khondaker’s month-long Pod Residency at the James Black Gallery. Through their work in the residency, they seek to explore the connection between technology, the gut and the mind.They plan to use quotidian and culturally significant materials such as ancestral food and nostalgic objects as resistors in building square wave synthesizers for a sound performance. They will document the process and keep a reflection journal that will be used to create an artist book. The publication will serve as a meditation on the themes that will surface throughout the creative process, through exploring the interconnectedness in tech/mind/gut. What culture is bred in the petri dish? What is sterile? What is alive?


antipode copy.png

Inverted Pyramid Series: antipode

July 21st - 29th, 2022
Opening July 21st, 7-10PM

Friday July 22nd, 3-6PM
Saturday & Sunday July 23-24th, 1-3PM
Wednesday, Thursday, & Friday July 27-29th 3-6PM


Rachel Achus @rachelachus.jpg
Atticus Courtoreille @sadndn_
Kate Giles
Raven John @twospirittrickster
Kiana Shahnia @kniart
Suze Shore @suzeshore

A two part curatorial series which highlights the artists' gaze over the gallery. This group exhibition celebrates the desires of artists' and the conversations they would like to have with the viewer. Please join us opening night in which Raven John will be sharing a performance with us in the outdoorspace.

This two part series is brought to you with support from The City of Vancouver.

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Pressure Point - Opening

June 25th, 2022            

a celebration and opening of our secondary location prioritizing saleable art. 

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Mimesis / Petrified / Undergrowth

Opening Thursday, May 26th 7-9pm

Friday, May 27th - Sunday, May 29th 12-4pm

Online tour via Instagram - Saturday, May 28th 2-3pm

Inspired by the James Black Gallery’s green spaces, where the cycle of life and death is entangled with the processes of decay and regrowth. Artists Katrina Vera Wong, Phoebe Bei, and Julia Wong draw upon their cultural identities and relationships to the natural world to create sculptures, assemblages, and interventions that invite the public to consider their relationship to the natural world and limited green spaces in the city.

this exhibition is brought to you with support from the city of Vancouver.


The Deprived Subliminal 

April 22 6-9PM Opening

April 23-28 1-3PM

April 29 1-5PM Closing 

                                         Event link here

An exhibition that explores the spaces we hold physically, and psychologically. The body of work is assembled to document the subconscious connections of queer people in relation to the physical and subconscious environment. Both physical space and the inner subconscious are a reflection of our past memories that subliminally inform one's every move.

Hannah Duncan @byhannahduncan 

James Keegan White @kgn.wht

PANSY  @notpansymusic


The Craft

Opening April 15th 7-9PM

April 16th - 17th, 7-9PM       Event Link here

Notions around DIY and conceptual craftsmanship are investigated. Themes are roughly situated around ‘craft’. Terry explores this through painted body pillows; Cherie through architectured habitats, and Rod, with his aphorisms, probes ideas of faith and handicraft. 


Identity, specifically indigenous identity as exemplified through physical properties like hide, hair, fur, and metal are explored. This subject matter of materiality is reworked as this show circulates around a sincere expression of place and a playful interrogation of craft.

               @cheriecrocker     @raincloudtrb         Rod Crocker


Intro to Leather Work

March 26th, 2022                          

1pm - 4pm                        Event link here.

Participants of this workshop will be introduced to different tools, leather types, and shown various hand stitching and fastening techniques to make a keychain or card wallet. Project facilitator Nova shall also walk attendees through the subtleties of sourcing leather and will discuss how methods learned through this intro course can translate to future self directed projects.

Rebecca and Diana Show Poster.jpg

Reconnect: Ceramics Exhibition

March 11th, 2022                          

6pm - 10pm                        Event link here.

Rebecca and Diana first met while at UBC in 2014, both predominantly focused in 2D art making. Losing touch over the years/post graduation, they reconnected over this past year once discovering they had taken up ceramics. Drawn to clay for similar reasons, the tangible process provided a way to connect to the body throughout a time of isolation. This group exhibition shows their pieces throughout the past two years as well as collaborative pieces recently created at the James Black Gallery.

@dianalupieri & @heartwork_r


4th Annual General Meeting

February 27, 2022                          

12pm - 2pm                        Event link here.

The James Black Gallery invites all members and interested community to our third annual general meeting. We'll be appointing new board members, discussing the budget, and voting on any new changes to our structure. 


Community Art Therapy: Carousel of Love

February 12th, 2022                Event link here.

In our February workshop, participants will be invited to engage in an interactive group art therapy activity called the Carousel of Love, celebrating love and connection with the self and community. 


By Sunshine Souls Art Therapy. Tickets are limited and proof of vaccination is required.