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The James Black Gallery exhibits work in many mediums and forms. The space has a combination of elements that allow artists to be playful with the design and usage of the space. We currently have small workshops (of up to 6 people) that occur by community members and allow filming for live streams in the space during COVID-19. Our exhibitions are on hold until further notice. 

January 17, 2020

CRUSH|| The James Black Gallery presents a student show in connection with VISA at UBC.  Featured Artists: Dave Dong, Ann Richards, Darcy Wang, and Ophelia Zhao. Imagining the exhibition is a dictionary about the word “crush”. These artworks are the definitions of “Crush” through the artists’ explorations of the relationship between the internal and external “crush”. We hope that the audience will also have a “crush” on the exhibition. We want to have an impact on the senses and emotions.

TAPE HEADS 1: A Magnetic Mediums Sound Events Series
January 25th, 2020

TAPE HEADS 1: A Magnetic Mediums Sound Events Series|| The Vancouver Low Frequency Festival Presents a brand new series of events at The James Black Gallery, occurring every few months, focused on Magnetic Mediums for Sound Recording Artists and Enthusiasts
This FIRST Tape Heads will be FREE and is a Soft Open in time for Snoozefest brought to you by Quiet City. In the coming months, TAPE HEADS will be fully realized with LIVE PERFORMANCES, WORKSHOPS, DEMONSTRATIONS and expanded ACTIVITIES.

Sloth Backpack Workshop
February 15-16, 2020
Annual General Meeting
February 22, 2020

Sloth Build-a-Backpack Workshop||Join The James Black Gallery and Powell River resident artist Emma Wetherill in an all inclusive 2 day intensive weekender sewing workshop February 15th 10am to 4pm and 16th 10am to 6pm! Absolutely no sewing experience required!
Workshop total base price of $200

Annual General Meeting||The James Black Gallery invites all members and interested community to our second annual general meeting. We'll be appointing new board members, discussing the budget, and voting on any new changes to our structure. Snacks and beverages will be provided.

Softness | A night of installations and chill sounds.

20$ at the door cash only

5 Pasajeros - A Photographic Exhibition
March 21st, 2020

Softness | A night of installations and chill sounds.

20$ at the door cash only

March 27th-29th, 2020

5 Pasajeros || Join us on Saturday, March 21 at The James Black Gallery for 5 PASAJEROS, a photographic exhibition. Featuring the work of Azael Flores, Jack Leonard, Diego Lozano, Troy Baird, and Chris Cadot.

Audio Mixer Basics
April 4th, 2020

Audio Mixer Basics: Peripheral Hardware Effects|| Learn How to Integrate Hardware Effects like Sidechain Compression, Gating, Delay or Reverb, into your signal chain on your Analog Audio Mixer
An afternoon Workshop for Emerging to Established Producers, Musicians and Sound Artists looking to add another level of Technical Knowledge to your Sound and Maximize your Audio Signal Chain.
Please bring your Analog Audio Mixer and we will explore the basic functions and differences of each on a Full Soundsystem.

There will be mixers available for those who don't have one of their own.
Cables and One Peripheral Hardware Unit will be provided to each participant to integrate with their mixer.

SUBSCURA PRESENTS IM/MORTAL || Life is fragile, uncertain, fleeting.
Mortality, a ticking clock, unstoppable.. Or is it?
Discover your highest potential and unlock the secrets of the everlasting.Time is never wasted when it is infinite. Join us at Legacy Quest to achieve unending possibilities!

IM/MORTAL is an immersive theatre performance presented by Subscura Collective, presented in partnership with The James Black Gallery, and taking place on the unceded ancestral lands of the Musqueam, Tseil-Waututh and Squamish people. We are deeply grateful for the privilege to live and create on this beautiful land.

Intro to Contact Mics
April 5th, 2020

A Contact Microphone Focused Experimental and Exploratory Electronic Instrument Introduction to Amplifying everyday Resonant Objects
Contact Microphones are a unique way to amplify Resonant Objects.
Attached to a Physical Resonant Object, Wall, Table or Window (for a few examples) these microphones transform basically anything into an instrument. Common uses of them are for guitars, cello or violin.
For this Workshop we invite you to explore your environment to find a Resonant Object you would like to hear in a new context.
Some examples of past participants Resonant Objects include: a computer mouse, a tape measure, a soap bottle and an old ipod with a audible drive in it!

June 6th, 2020

Tape heads ONLINE ||

Merlyn Chipman:
"1000s of matching wall paper patterns, different from your own, for you to stare at, while you’re stuck at home! All recorded on VHS tape. Easy to play, while you hit the vape! Drawing from strobing patterns in previously released (and unreleased) PSYCHEDELIC ATTACK DVDs, curated analog video feedback clips were selected for their aesthetic appeal as still images. Using software, the form is re-conceptualized as matching, non-repeating, scrolling wall paper patterns and re-recorded back on to VHS tape. Why tape? To preserve the ability to control the patterns with the same analog techniques that created them. Mwah ah ah!" - Merlyn

Wallpaper Studies is to be accompanied by the esteemed prerecorded output, created wherever they are during the Pandemic, of this fine line up of folks finding solace in sound.

Please join us for an afternoon into an evening of tape saturated sunset lullabies created just for you.


Public Disco Presents: Kaleidoscope

August 1st, 2020 Online

August 1st Online | Filmed at JBG


A 250 minute audio-visual presentation portraying the exploration of identity through art and imagination. The film follows drag artist Continental Breakfast on a journey of self discovery as they shed layers of societal pressures and cis-heteronormativity. An array of queer artists and performers contribute to the production through mediums such as dance, live music performance, digital art and visual storytelling.

Pocket Creatures

September 5th, 2020


September 5th 

Pocket Creatures: needle felting three dimensional “creatures”.
It’s a two hour workshop. This workshop gives the basics of needle felting. A step by step to create your personal creature. Put on by Kim O'Brien.

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