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Battle Your Demons in Dreamspace/ concert with Linda Foxx


 The time you have waited for has come. 
The work is complete; the final world is here. 
She has been transplanted and is alive. 
--Mysterious voice in the night

A 4th dimensional lounge singer who exists contiguously in two realities, Linda Foxx plays saxophone and sings synthetic dream songs about falling in love with an earthquake-proof bed, the void and other esoteric pleasures. What time is love? Linda Foxx says that dancing is the answer. Linda's work with the Simu-Pod™ creates various strategies for world/self healing that can be tested virtually, and has been widely acknowledged by the wellness community as ‘our Last Chance.’ ‘Battle Your Demons in Dreamspace/concert’ is a somatic healing workshop through the forest of time. You have the opportunity to look down and smile upon the surface of a planet that is moments from becoming real.

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