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Databending Workshop


August 12th, 2017 2PM RSVP

Sonification databending is a common and versatile method used by glitch artists, and many other digital artists, to aestheticize distortions using sound-based processes. This event will be split into two parts: a short talk on databending with a focus on sonification, and an interactive workshop for both beginner and intermediate digital artists. For those who are new to databending or who need a review, we will start with the basics (no knowledge required!). From there we will work our way up to more interesting and extended techniques and concepts. For those with image editing software, we will also touch base on how databending can contribute to an overall production.

The presentation will not have a participant cap, however the workshop will be limited to twenty people maximum. Those interested in attending the workshop are recommended to RSVP Yebu-Tonu to secure a seat. In addition, those attending the workshop will need to bring a laptop, their laptop charger, Audacity pre-installed, irfanview pre-installed (for Mac users please see link to WineBottler below too), XnConvert pre-installed, the prepared sample images (see below), and preferably photoshop or GIMP (this is optional since I realize not everyone has photoshop or uses GIMP, but image editing software is highly recommended). 

Audacity can be downloaded for free here:

For Windows users, IrfanView will be used to view images, and can be downloaded for free here:
For Mac users, you will need a method of using IrfanView. Download WineBottler to be able to install Irfanview here:

XnConvert can be downloaded for free here:

Prepared sample images can be downloaded here: [will url soon]

To RSVP, please send an e-mail to:


Ryan (Yebu-Tonu) is a brain scientist and new media artist, interested in process-driven methods, depth-deposit diving, and neural oscillations. Their work explores a variety of perceptual limitations, distortions, and dimensions - seeking to reveal the materiality of the medium in question. Using both digital and analog approaches, Ryan experiments across different subject matter, in (re)attempts to reconcile between the conflict of worldly events and alienated technologies. Although many of their pieces are without subject, future discoveries hope to be married to their forlorn histories.

Yebu-Tonu's art can be seen @

Hosted by The James Black Gallery

The event is $10 suggested donation, but no one will be turned away.

For event inquiries contact us at
(P.S. For those that attended this last year, there will be some new techniques this time around!)

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