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Dark Matter 


October 25 - November 4


Be afraid of the dark

The James Black Gallery is excited to host Dark Matter, an immersive theatre event

What happens in the dark edges of space? And what if it was hiding under your bed?

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There is a house in the city where several sensory "abnormalities" have been recorded. Rumour has it several people living in the house have disappeared without a trace- as if swallowed by a black hole. You are invited to participate in a psychological study to "experience" the house and observe for yourself the phenomena within. We assure you it is safe. And there is a scientific explanation for everything...

Written/directed by Mily Mumford


Additional creative collaboration by Ming Hudson, Laura Fukumoto, Madelyn Osborne


Production manager: Laura Fukumoto


Immersive audio design: Sondra Kathleen Moyls


Production design: Mily Mumford


Featuring: Natalie TY Gan, Laura Fukumoto, Madelyn Osborne, Matt Horrigan, Keara Barnes, Douglas Enngenberg, Xander Williams, Lola Aoun-Faure, Tom van Kalken, Mily Mumford

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