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Sylvie Ringer

November 2018


Sylvie Ringer showed her new art book ROCK, CRAB, STICK, LOSS during Vancouver Art Book Fair and continued working on her illustrations afterwards in a guest residency for November.


Moody Rose Christopher

August 2018

Can't Sit Still Life

A series of work Rose made while traveling, or more accurately while in movement. She presents works on paper, drawings on trash, paintings on stolen canvas, and clay sculptures.
Since moving to Brooklyn NY in 2017 Rose has been in a constant state of movement going from Brooklyn to Vermont, Berlin, Seattle and beyond trying to keep up with the hustle and an ever busy mind. Whether it be short lived apartment stays, hostels, squats, coffee shops, bars, residences, and anywhere else her body rests, she creates. 


Kat and Jarid

July 2018

Permanence // Impermanence

Brooklyn, NY based artists Kat Hooper & Jarid Blue will be creating site specific versions of their art for display and collaboration with the community at the James Black Gallery.
Both artists draw inspiration from their surroundings and incorporate those influences into their work. During their stay Jarid took photographs of natural/human-made textures from around the city and project them onto people in the space, and Kat created several paintings and draw tattoo designs based on sounds she sees and ideas she gets from exploring Vancouver.

Jarid Blue  Kat Hooper

Sarah Leckie

May 2018 

Sarah's two week residency was focused on the beginning of a larger collaborative book project. They illustrated a number of porcelain tiles using transfers of my art and carving images. This project is between Sarah Leckie and a writer, Serena Shipp, who will write a narrative inspired by Sarah's series of disparate (but maybe cohesive somehow), creature illustrations. Once she finds out how to put words to Sarah's images they will be publishing a work together. 


Julia Sinelnikova

April 2018 

Julia presented a hand cut sculpture, projected video of performances recorded in Joshua Tree desert, and a spoken word performance as THE ORACLE.

Brooklyn Julia Sinelnikova is an interdisciplinary artist who works with holograms, performance, and digital culture.  Her light installations have been exhibited internationally, and she has performed widely as The Oracle of Vector Gallery. She has received commissions from NYC Parks Department, Pace University,

Serge Serum

March 2018 


LA based artist Serge Serum explores the complexities of the human psyche. Using reality as a springboard, he 'makes a scene' of the ordinary by distorting peoples' likenesses, in both his painted portraiture and the outrageous photographs. LEFT UNCERTAIN examines a body of work through a period of time where life is filled with change, uncertainty, and excitement. An examination of identity, personality. and wretched emotions portrayed through characters who are androgynous or nonbinary.

Estraven Lupino-Smith

January 2018 

Muirin of the Sea

Muirin, meaning “of the sea” in Scottish Gaelic, is a collection of pieces related to selkie mythology, shapeshifting, gender and identity. Using materials including discarded navy ship rope and willow harvested from vancouver’s abandoned lots, Lupino-Smith is constructing an installation reflecting on the arbitrary nature of gendered objects and actions, and the relationship of their body to the sea.

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