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Can't Sit Still Life


August 16, 2018 6PM-9PM 

"Can't sit still life" is a series of work Rose made while traveling, or more accurately while in movement. She presents works on paper, drawings on trash, paintings on stolen canvas, and clay sculptures.
Since moving to Brooklyn NY in 2017 Rose has been in a constant state of movement going from Brooklyn to Vermont, Berlin, Seattle and beyond trying to keep up with the hustle and an ever busy mind. Whether it be short lived apartment stays, hostels, squats, coffee shops, bars, residences, and anywhere else her body rests,
she creates .

Rose's work, previously large scale involved paintings rapidly evolved due to her constant movement. Although challenging she found it to be a vital part of her practice. Now a year and a half later while in residence at the James Black Gallery, Rose takes a moment to breathe and ask what does a still life look like to someone who can't sit still?

Born in Burlington Vermont, Moody Rose is a queer artists the resides in Brooklyn, NY and many spaces in between. Rose is self taught creates work that discusses the chaos of gender, mental health, and the absurdity of being a human. Her desire is to create work that is approachable for those in and outside the formal art

Moody Rose Christopher

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