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Pray it No Mind

Two Day Pop Up Installation by Guest Resident Seattle Artist Coco Spadoni.
March 16th and 17th, 2017

"Pray it No Mind” is a participatory installation by Coco Spadoni that invites the viewer into a space that appropriates catholic rituals and iconography to conceptualize a church where queer lives are the subjects of worship. Spadoni explores a threshold teetering between earnest sacrament and frivolous campiness using installation, manipulated found objects and ceramics. This exhibition investigates how blurred boundaries of rituals, meditation and aesthetics from two (often contradicting) cultures can create a new understanding of healing. We summon you to join us for this service where you will move beyond viewing and guide us through reinterpreting a queering of faith.


Coco Spadoni is an artist based in Seattle, WA. They completed a B.A. in Cultivating Community Activism through Art at Western Washington University. This program allowed for them to weave together disciplines within arts and critical theory, in order to see where the overlap can be discovered in their own practice. 

After graduating Spadoni decided to prioritize the sustainability of other art’s organizations in Seattle. They are currently working for Hugo House as a Front Desk and Program’s Assistant, trade their time as a work-study at Pottery Northwest, and supports Rockland Residency as a grant writer. 
Seattle Guest Resident Coco Spadoni featured at the James Black Gallery.

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