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 Art Waste is a collaborative art festival taking place June 1-4, 2017. Presented by Music Waste Festival annually in Vancouver BC. 

"First held in 1994, the Music, and Art Waste festival purports itself as a multi-venue, affordable and accessible stage for variations of different artistic mediums and expressions. Originally borne out of retaliation against the heavily commercialized and corporate-backed New Music West festival, Music and Art Waste provided a safe, non-profit, alternative space for music and art lovers of Vancouver. Predominantly volunteer run, this amalgamation of music, visual art, comedy, and local culture quickly expanded into an integral part of the Vancouver subculture scene. Twenty-two years later, Music and Art Waste has proved itself here to stay."

+++JUNE 3rd+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

James Black Gallery 
144 E 6th Ave || 7pm
Madeline Berger
Hyunjin Chi
Alison Fast
Kristen Hatfield 
Carmelle Leigh 
Kat Leslie 
Kate Metten
Sean Moxley
Tiffany Muñoz 
Madeline Qurina
Natalie Schmidt
Isaiah Somsen
Neil Young

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