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Residents of the James Black Gallery host and curate exhibitions of work in many mediums and forms. The space has a combination of elements that allow artists to be playful with the design and usage of the space. Workshops and venue rentals can be found on our Facebook page. 

Super 8: Screening
January 27, 2019
Annual General Meeting
February 10, 2019

Super 8: Screening|| Nisha Platzer, invites participants to explore the world of super8 film.

Annual General Meeting||The James Black Gallery invites all members and interested community to our first annual general meeting. We'll be appointing new board members, discussing the budget, and voting on any new changes to our structure. Snacks and beverages will be provided.

February 15, 2019

Softness | A night of installations and chill sounds.

20$ at the door cash only

Pool Party
March 1st, 2019

CLASSIFIED CINEMA||Join the JBG for an evening of vaguely-themed experimental shorts curated by Jaz Papadopoulos. Films will explore topics NOT UNRELATED to the theme of the month, but a toeing towards "that deep unending longing" that a giant box of chocolates just doesn't actually fill. Expect to see cringe-worthy comedy, immense earnest-ness, heartwarming sweetness, and lots of moments that make you clutch your chest in desideratum and laughter. Following the screening, beatslut will grace the room with a sensual "slow grind" set for your ambient pleasure.  PWYC at the door. 

Pool Party||In preparation for the warm summer days ahead, The James Black Gallery presents Pool Party featuring Vancouver artists Teresa Holly (she/her) and Kelsey Jacobson (they/them) working in soft sculpture and illustrations. Open March 1st to 15th 2019

March 21 - 28th, 2019
March 21 6-10PM

LOTTO GROTTO || We find ourselves in a peculiar current geological period, The Age of the Anthropocene,in which we humans dominate the influence on the environment and are leaving our mark. Just as we move, nature moves, changing with the shifts in time and because of us.
Waste is our Immediate Unwanted Past. Can we conserve its energy through transformation or do we drown in it?  Nicole Shaver March Guest Resident presents LOTTO GROTTO.

April 5th-14th, 2019
April 5th 6-8PM

_NODE_|| While pervasive in our culture, from comic books to movies and television, the term “parallel universe” is just one facet of the astronomical theory of the multiverse. _NODE_ is a photo-based project that explores interpretations of portals, time travel and parallel worlds. Come see a solo show of Wynne Palmer's works.

Sprung 4x6 call 1.jpg
SPRUNG: Feel the Possible
April 27th 7PM

SPRUNG: Feel the Possible | Bridget Fairbank makes pottery, installation art, and orchestrates happenings, all of which aim for the re-imagining of everyday actions and relations. Her ceramic installation, performance and painting ask a viewer to engage bodily in an idea. Her art is plant-like, vibrant and plentiful, a reminder that we are not apart from nature. These pieces are conduits through which you may feel that growth is possible.

Softness - Vancouver Low Frequency Festival 2019
May 11th 9PM

Softness | A night of installations and chill sounds.

20$ at the door cash only

May 30th and 31st
7PM Opening
Plantains and Pigments
June 1st to 8th
6PM Opening

Pop Embroidery | May AIR Julie Sarloutte is a French artist and graduate of the National School of Fine Arts Paris. Transposing these into embroidery makes an unexpected contrast between the medium and the subject. She takes the time to embroider what usually happens in the fraction of a second.

Plantains and Pigments | Plantains & Pigments is a group art exhibition at The James Black Gallery featuring Akemi Art, Art of Edge (Ejiwa Ebenebe), and Odera Igbokwe. Plantains & Pigments explores reclamations of shared Nigerian heritage, finding the magic and fantasy within the African diaspora, and alchemizing the power of Afrofuturism.

PLAYFUL / FUNCTIONAL : what makes a mug
June 18th Workshop
June 28th Show 6-9PM

PLAYFUL/FUNCTIONAL: what makes a mug workshop and group show

June Artist in Residence Milo Mckeand is offering a hand building clay workshop the work made in the workshop will then be shown on June 28th at the gallery as a group show.

Screening # 2
Samples Film Festival
June 13-16th 7-10PM

Samples | Samples is a non-profit, traveling international video festival, a pixel archive, a curatorial duo wondering about moving images in digital times. Samples was born in 2008 in San Andrés Cholula, Puebla, Mexico, and has collaborated with more than 20 people, institutions, curators and art-mediators around the globe. Over 10 years we have exposed the work of more than 100 artists from different backgrounds, who use moving images and video, as tools to research their own artistic disciplines. The 7th Edition at JBG.

July 6th 6-10PM
July 7th 2-5PM

CLAPBACK |Bullies are the worst, right? They're a bunch of fuck head turkeys who want to shit on someone else to compensate for their own lack of self esteem. They think they have the right to bring other people down with them. Curated by Club Vancouver.
CLAP BACK will be held in July 6th - 7th

Literary Performance Workshop w/ Erin Kirsch
July 12th, 2019

SUMMER WORKSHOP SERIES: LITERARY PERFORMANCE |Join writer and performer Erin Kirsh in a free workshop on literary performance. We will practice physical and vocal warm ups, rehearse performing with emotion, and do a free write. Each participant will also have an opportunity to workshop an individualized performance. Brought to you by the City of Vancouver.

Blood of Others: Extinction Part 1
July 20th, 2019

THE BLOOD OF OTHERS: will be presenting an exclusive performance of an unreleased piece called Extinction: Part 1. Combining spoken word, field recordings, and musical performance, the Extinction series aims to capture the tension of being both the executioners and victims of a climate crisis. Following this performance, they will play their newest EP, An Ocean, in its entirety. The Blood of Others have played: Terminus Festival, Verboden Festival, PIG Festival, and many shows around North America. PWYC 5-10$

Open Studio w/ Resident Artists Laura Hudspith and Nicholas Zirk
July 27th, 2019 2-4PM

JULY GUEST RESIDENTS| While Hudspith’s work is largely sculptural and Zirk’s image-based, the duo has been working collaboratively to create a large-scale installation based on their mutual interest in the genre of still life. During their residency with James Black, the artists aimed to synthesize their individual practices, developing a visual language unique to collaboration. Their installation will be exhibited the following week at Red Gate Gallery, August 1 - 15, with an opening reception on August 1st from 6:00-9:00 pm. Our Open Studio event this July 27, is a chance to meet and chat with the artists in advance of their exhibition while getting a sneak peek at the work in-progress within the residency space.

In Lacuna
August 3,4,8,9,11th, 2019
August 10th 12-6PM

IN LACUNA |  harnesses the inherent dissociation of a digital simulation from the physical world, to emanate a feeling of detachment, isolation and emptiness. The faceless subject is reminiscent of the alarming disconnection between the self and the perspective of oneself, during a period of derealization. For some, sensations of numbness can paradoxically grow to become more maddening than the most explicit of emotions. The bewildering soundtrack accentuates the disturbing nature of such a scenario.

Comic Making Workshop w/ Cole Pauls
August 1st, 2019

SUMMER WORKSHOP SERIES: COMIC MAKING WORKSHOP | Cole Pauls is a Tahltan comic artist, illustrator and printmaker hailing from Haines Junction (Yukon Territory) with a BFA in Illustration from Emily Carr University. Join Indigenous comic artist Cole Pauls for a 3 hour comic making workshop on August 1st at the JBG and learn the process of sequential art storytelling. Each attendee will create a one page comic under the same cohesive theme the group chooses collectively. The work made in the session will be scanned and gathered for a comic zine anthology that the workshop can bring home at the end of the day! Brought to you by the City of Vancouver

AIR: Mark Zubrovich
Good Boys
August 30th 6-9PM

GOOD BOYS | Mark Zubrovich (b.1992) is a New York based artist born on Long Island. He graduated with his BFA from SUNY Purchase in 2015. His work operates within an alternate universe of baseball-obsessed dog men. Until recently, that queer world had been confined to two dimensions, within drawings and paintings. This most recent series of work breaks out of flat space with a series of ceramic sculptures, reliefs, and functional objects. The work Mark made here in Vancouver has been an extension of a current trend of material experimentation in my practice. This new practice bridges a gap between our world and the fuzzy netherworld the work is staged in, blurring the line between commodifiable doggy sports memorabilia and traditional "high art" narrative depictions.

Sacred Things
August 15th-22nd, 2019
August 15th 6-9PM

SACRED THINGS | Laura Carey is a Vancouver based artisan with a focus on fine bookbinding and leather work. They have been binding books since 2004. From 2009-early 2019 Laura worked as an arts administrator for organizations including the Canadian Clay & Glass Gallery, the Gallery of BC Ceramics, the Potters Guild of BC, Circle Craft and Terminal City Glass Co-op. Laura has recently rededicated to their artistic practice of bookbinding, and Sacred Things at the James Black Gallery is the first public exhibition of their handmade books since 2012. 

The JBG Fundraiser Show
September 8th 2-8PM

COMMUNITY FUNDRAISER SHOW | The James Black Gallery will be hosting a community arts & music show featuring art JBG artists, residents & board members on September 8th. With an expansion of the main gallery space from one to now two main rooms, we are showcasing the wide range of talent within the JBG as well as opening up the art studios for a closer look into the inner workings of the gallery. JBG board members will be present to introduce themselves & answer any questions presented by the community. Fundraising proceeds from this show will go to covering damages related to a recent fire inside of the JBG woodshop.

CARFAC National AGM Afterparty
September 28th 8-11PM

CARFAC National AGM Afterparty|| CARFAC National and its provincial affiliates have their gathering in Vancouver this year! We're excited to host their closing party to the gathering. Open to the public. Come mingle with art colleagues and get to know folks from across the country! DJ WSUPTIGER will be playing for us. Art showing in the space brought to you by The James Black Gallery Studio Collective. VR experience provided by Hammertong. Pastries by Punk Rock Pastries.

Beyond the Ark
October 1st-8th
Art Book Week: CLÜB Vancouver
October 18th - 21st

Beyond the Ark||A homage to animals through pencil, ink, and paint by
Rachel Foster and Jillian Brooks.

CLÜB Vancouver || bring together a 90's art show and local creator pop-up shop at the James Black Gallery, with many bangin’ works to look and buy. Whether you have lived through the 90's, or sadly missed out, you can't deny that the decade gave birth to many rad things, across a variety of different styles and media. Through this submission based art show, experience facets of the 90’s through the eyes of Vancouver based illustrators and artists. From Furbys and flip phones to horror movies, as if you’d miss this! Call up your girl gang (or boy band) and re-experience the 90’s.

Extended Technique: No Input Mixing + Intro to Contact Mics
November 16 + 17th

Extended Techniques: No Input Mixing + Intro to Contact Microphones ||  A 'Non-Traditional Analog Electronic Instrument' Workshop Series at The James Black Gallery. Brought to you by the Vancouver Low Frequency Festival in partnership with the James Black Gallery. Contact Microphones constructed and provided by Anju Singh. FULL

November Saturday 16th -7-10PM  60$

November Sunday 17th -4-7PM  75$

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